That Gut Feeling…

Have you ever had that strange feeling in the pit of your stomach. It’s a mix between hunger pangs and feeling sick to your stomach. It’s present even after you have eaten and it just continues until it becomes almost unbearable. Have you had it? Do you ask yourself, whats going to happen? Why am I feeling this way and you try to ignore it; hoping it will pass; or perhaps thinkng oh my nerves are just shot because its been such a long day.

That profound and yet oh so annoying is the one we want to ignore when we know its time to take off the blinders and pay attention to what is happening around us. It’s saying hello out there pay attention (while kicking and screaming). It says make a decesion. It says you dont like what you are seeing or feeling so do something about it. It says don’t be a chicken, speak up for yourself.

If we pay more attention to that gut feelings it will protect us from heartache which is so much more painful and harder to heal. So dont ignore that……….

Gut feeling


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