Everybody Plays The Fool

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Do you ever go through something and wonder what was I thinking? Feeling foolish and asking how could I make the same mistake over and over again? Do you ask yourself how many times will I pick the wrong guy, the wrong job, or fall off this weight loss wagon again?

You cant beat yourself up because it happens to all of us. What is life if you don’t take risks on love, a new career or that business you planned on starting years ago?

I will randomly sing lyrics to a song if it relates to whatever I’m talking about at that moment. So when I think about all of the foolish mistakes and do overs I’ve had one song comes to mind that prompted this short blog post.

Everybody plays the fool sometime
There’s no exception to the rule
Listen, baby, it may be factual, may be cruel
I ain’t lyin’, everybody plays the fool
Falling in love is such an easy thing to do
And there’s no guarantee that the one you love
Is gonna love you…. song by The Main Ingredient

Isn’t it amazing what we can learn from music and how much truth there is in song lyrics. Because they are right. We all do play a fool sometimes. Despite our many experiences, we will get back on that bike and peddle sometimes even harder than the last time. We will fall and perhaps scrape our knees or break bones, and leave permanent scars. But the purpose is to pick yourself and get back to riding again.

When you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up. Its too late for the woulda shoulda coulda theories because the truth is that we only control our part in any interaction and that should be your focus. Approach each new or familiar encounter with thoughts of….

How did this end the last time?
What can I do differently?
What do I gain?
Am I having fun?

Stop beating yourself up when you repeat things in life and really focus on learning from them. Instead of thinking, I wont do that again the same way….


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